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Baby Love: Infant Massage and Baby Wearing Workshop-The Art of Loving Touch: with Amanda Young, CMT of Shanti Mama Wellness.

This monthly one-hour workshop is an in-depth look at the art of developing a consistent practice of massage for you and your baby.  We also delve into the creating of a special oil blend for you and your baby to use at home, or to bring to our weekly baby class series.

Massage is an incredibly beneficial way to bond with your baby! Through the art of gentle loving touch, you will learn a 30 minute massage sequence to gift to your baby. This can easily be broken into smaller segments as well. Infant Massage can help promote a deeper bond between you and baby while also helping to facilitate hand-eye coordination, tummy time, soothe digestive issues, promote self confidence and provide a fundamental understanding of appropriate touch.

$25 for this one time, monthly workshop offering including bottle of massage oil. 

Please bring a thick blanket or towel and a change of clothing for babies. We will practice some skin to skin with babes and mothers.

Upcoming dates:

From 10-11am​