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(Located above Laughing River Yoga and Pingala Cafe on the Second Floor)

We offer a variety of Childbirth Education classes rooted in the understanding that our births will be as unique as we all are as individuals.

Explore our offerings, from Birth Partner Love: Hands on Prep for Labor, to our Childbirth Education Series and Intensives.

Do these times not work for you? We happily offer private sessions. Contact Us to find out more.

Birth Partner Love: Hands On Prep for Labor 

with Amanda Young of Shanti Mama Wellness and Beth Kruger of Prenatal Method Studio

Learn comfort measures for labor and birth. Massage techniques, Positioning for labor and pushing, acupressure, and aromatherapy will be demonstrated and practiced in class to be used as tools to take with you into your birth experience. This class is intimate and engaging, there will be lots of hands on, and touching. Please wear clothing that allows for movement, and that you don't mind getting a little massage oil on!
Add this class onto your Childbirth Education class to enrich your connection to your partner.
**We happily offer a $10 discount if you also enroll in a CBE class with us, contact us for details**

Friday evenings 6:30-8:30pm 
$50 per couple 


​​2017 dates TBD

This class does not replace a Childbirth Education class. 

Unless noted here on the website, space is available in each workshop.
We will not cover interventions or anything you might encounter at the hospital.

Childbirth Education Essentials:
Our Childbirth Education Essentials class is offered as a three week series, and as a weekend intensive.
​These classes are rooted in understanding the birth process, and learning strategies for coping with pain during labor. In this way you and your partner can have a more satisfying and comfortable birth experience.

Unless noted here, all classes have space available in them.
​Class will cover:
     ~ How labor works: signs, stages, when to call, when to go.
     ~ The full range of natural coping strategies: relaxation techniques, breathing, positioning, and massage.
     ~ Epidurals and pain medications.
     ~ All you need to know about medical procedures such as monitoring, induction and cesarean birth.
     ~ What to expect at the hospital and during the recovery period.
​     ~ The many ways to support a woman in labor.

Class includes a Hospital Tour

Upcoming Dates: 
Childbirth Education Intensive: $175 per couple ​

12-4pm Saturday, 10-2pm Sunday

May 6th and 7th

July 8th and 9th

September 9th and 10th

Childbirth Education Series: $150 per couple
Thursday Evening, 6-9pm, 3 sessions 

March 30th - April 13th

​June 1st - 15th

August 17th - 31st

October 5th - 19th