Childbirth Education Essentials:
Our Childbirth Education Essentials class is offered as a three week series, and as a weekend intensive.
​These classes are rooted in understanding the birth process, and learning strategies for coping with pain during labor. In this way you and your partner can have a more satisfying and comfortable birth experience.
​Class will cover:
     ~ How labor works: signs, stages, when to call, when to go.
     ~ The full range of natural coping strategies: relaxation techniques, breathing, positioning, and massage.
     ~ Epidurals and pain medications.
     ~ All you need to know about medical procedures such as monitoring, induction and cesarean birth.
     ~ What to expect at the hospital and during the recovery period.
​     ~ The many ways to support a woman in labor.

Class includes a Hospital Tour

​Childbirth Education Intensive: $175 per couple ​12-4pm Saturday, 10-2pm Sunday
November 5th and 6th
January 5th and 6th
March 3rd and 4th
May 6th and 7th

Childbirth Education Series: $150 per couple Thursday Evenings, 6-9pm, 3 sessions 
December 1st-15th

February 2nd-16th
March 30th- April 13th

​May 25th-June 8th 

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