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1 Mill St, Suite 236 Chace Mill  Burlington VT 05401           #(802) 829. 0211 

(Located above Laughing River Yoga and Pingala Cafe on the Second Floor)

Inclusive 4-week program designed to bring you back to a feeling of owning your body, and a feeling of wholeness. Babies can come along to work out with you, and travel along on walks in a stroller, or in a baby carrier!! Modifications for all fitness levels will be offered. Studio classes are yoga-inspired fitness--strengthening and toning areas most compromised during pregnancy.

Come to as many classes and mom-led walks as you like during the 4-week session. That equals out to 16 classes...making each class less than $5, or studio classes only for $10 a class.

This program was created for exhausted Mamas who want to get stronger, and feel better in their newest role: MOTHERHOOD!!  

Why do we have this 4-week program? Why do we want a commitment from you? 

The answer is simple: you need to exercise daily to see results. This is not about weight loss, or getting ready to wear a bikini.  This program is about taking time for yourself, dedicating part of your day to your health, and well-being. This program is about meeting like-minded mothers in your community that love the outdoors, that value self-care, and that want to see themselves as a whole woman –not just as an extension of their babies. Yes, of course we discuss sleep habits, nursing, and what is in babies diapers, but our connections run much deeper.

This program helps you to create a village of like-minded women that will become your friends, and confidantes. 

Essentially, you are going to find your tribe here.
Coming four times per week will ensure that you leave the classes stronger than when you began them. 
Coming four times per week will lighten your spirit when you have had bad nights sleep training, or when you are struggling with breastfeeding.
Coming four times per week will help to get you out of the house and around other women who understand you.

Class Schedule: 

Mondays: 10:30-11:30am at Prenatal Method Studio
Tuesdays: TBD WALK/HIKES IN BURLINGTON AREA—Locations change each week. CONNECT WITH US AT STUDIO to join MOMMY-LED group.
Wednesdays: 10:30-11:30am at Prenatal Method Studio

Thursdays: TBD WALK/HIKES IN BURLINGTON AREA— Locations change each week. CONNECT WITH US AT STUDIO to join MOMMY-LED group.

$80 for TWO CLASSES per week for four weeks
$45 for ONE CLASS per week for four weeks

You can come to a single class, or do drop-ins if you prefer not to commit to an unlimited class program. If you want to try a class or a walk first, you are welcome to do so, and pay for the single option. 

Postnatal Rehab Program Details and Information: SIGN UP HERE